Thursday, February 18, 2010

New version of CppTools plugin is available!

CppTools plugin v0.7.1 for IntelliJ IDEA 6/7/8/9 is available.
Change notes:
* IDEA 9 (Maia) / Community Edition support.
* Override / implement methods action for IDEA 7/8/9.
* Quick navigate info (aka Control + mouse hover) for IDEA 7/8/9.
* Report problem with instantiation of abstract classes.
* Quick fixes: static_cast / dynamic_cast when type cast error detected.
* Bugfixes.
Install it from IDEA's plugin manager


Cliff said...

Just tried this on Idea 9 Maia running on Mepis Linux. I'm not sure what path to specify for the C++ SDK. I gave it /usr/bin/gcc but when I looks at the SDK under settings the home path shows in red. I thought Iread somewhere that it's supposed to detect gcc paths on Linux. Is there any simple HelloCppWorld howto available for this plugin?

nicity said...

SDK location is directory (/usr/bin in your case), you need to specify path to GCC in C/C++ application settings

Akhil said...

Can you please rewrite this plugin for Idea 12? I really need this..